To survive the population needs a lot of energetic sources and raw material, these resources can be found only if the man projects the future with a completely different view from the one he had in the past, the sustainable view.


The path sees a new way to conceive the business by continuing to product with an observant eye on the ecologycal impact.


« An economy studied to regenerate itself” it’s a circular economy, a sistem where all the activities from the production are planned in a way where a waste becomes a resource.


The circular economy is different than the linear economy, the linear economy is based on the linearity of the processes (take-make-waste) but the circular economy has a circular economic model where there are three simple steps :

  • Produce with cure of maintaing low the production of waste and pollution
  • Put some protective surface coatings (galvanizing and painting) to extend the life cycle of the products and the materials
  • Recycle ans reutilize the waste and the materials utilized maybe in different ways.


Our company N.C.M. cares about the environment because :

  • It utilizes only clean energy that comes from renewables with the newest photovoltaic system
  • It utilizes certificated productive processes to minimaze the emissions
  • It provides a fully recyclable product
  • The company participates to the project studio reclycling of E-distribution
  • It is in posses of a certificate ISO 14001