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Renewed functionality for more sustainable production.

Sustainability also in the choice of raw materials.

Aware of the high value of fully recyclable products, NCM uses S235 and S355 steel , paying the utmost attention during the design phase to the study of solutions capable of minimizing emissions throughout the product life cycle.

For some time now NCM has been able to reconcile its international growth with the application of principles linked to sustainable development in many of its industrial fields.

The adoption of a advanced photovoltaic system guarantees the use of clean energy. The choice to develop certified processes for the abatement of emissions allows a production cycle with limited impact. The determination to create a reduced supply chain was pursued by optimizing the transport and processing of raw materials, semi-finished products and products through a nearby industrial district created with suppliers and partners local.

The E-Distribuzione
Recycling Studio Project

La collaborazione con Enti e Istituti di ricerca italiani rende la partecipazione al Progetto Studio di Recycling di E-distribuzione un’iniziativa centrale alle attività di NCM, sempre più orientata all’impiego di acciai con percentuali via via maggiori di materiale riciclato.

Dott.ssa Milena Fogliani, Financial Manager NCM
N.C.M. Steel for lighting innovation

Share Capital € 90.000,00
VAT ID IT05864500151
R.E.A. Milano 1043027
N. Meccanografico MI 051181
Milan Business Registry 05864500151

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